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Our famous banana bread

It all started with a bunch of very ripe bananas!

Banana bread was not something I used to eat in my childhood.

My mom is an amazing cook and baker but her specialties are mostly French desserts and Jewish North African dishes.

But lets get back to my bananas!

The first banana bread I baked was devoured by my kids in 3 minutes.

The smell in my kitchen while the bread was baking was incredible.

I tried so many recipes before finding the perfect one!

I always use the same base and then I play around it.

I sometimes add Nutella ,caramelized bananas that I add on the top of my loaf, crush some nuts that I mix with cinnamon and sugar, add load of chocolate chips...

The result is always the same..

A perfect moist banana bread that makes my customers happy!

After more than 15 years of baking,I still have the same feeling of fulfillment and proudness when my baking give you joy

xoxo Severine

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